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Jump in with your friends and join group sessions
to keep each other motivated.

Collab with friends

Collab with friends

Use group chat to plan a session or just hang out. Quickly invite anyone with a shareable link.

Collab with friends

Focus with timers

Set a group timer for everyone to work together, or a personal timer that fits your own flow.

Focus with timersFocus with timers
Showcase your goals

Showcase your goals

Easily manage your to-dos with our simple task list and display your progress to everyone in the room.

Showcase your goals

What students are saying

I love everything about this website and it has helped me connect with my friend. It really reminds us of being in a study cafe and is highly motivating!


Kerala, India

This website is great! It has helped me and some of my classmates get through finals week and every feature is fantastic, from the task managing to the music and interface.


Atlántico, Colombia

I like everything about this. It helps me concentrate and do all my school work under a given time.


Arizona, United States

This site improved my motivation a lot. Now I study a lot and get all my tasks done without worrying if I can finish them!


Ankara, Turkey

Studying should be enjoyable

We put our students first, and we're always improving room features
to help you and your friends achieve more while having fun.

Fiveable features - friends


Add your friends and see their statuses, all from your dashboard.

Dark Mode

Relax your eyes with dark mode, perfect for late night studying.

Lofi music

Listen to our lofi playlist, with 100+ handpicked songs from our team.

Solo mode

Like working solo? Change up the interface to zero in on your timer and tasks.

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Start your session

Start your session in 10 seconds with no sign-up required.

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Invite your friends

Invite your friends with a custom session invite link.

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